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From Himalaya the Elixir of life?

Keep young, keep healthy!

Shilajit has been consumed as a dietary supplement for thousands of years in Asia because of the many benefits it provides.

Shilajit is an ancient herbal compound containing over 85 minerals and trace elements the human body needs to function optimally. Fulvic acid contained helps the body absorb these minerals at a cellular level.

Over millions of years, plants and organic matter were trapped by layers of rock in mountainous regions of India and Tibet. The pressure from the weight of the mountains and the extreme temperature changes causes the plants to be transformed into a rich mineral mass that flows out of the rocks. This is shilajit.

Studies have shown that Shilajit contains traces of every single mineral known on earth.

The purest, strongest resin comes straight from 16,000 feet to you.  Freshly packed natural shilajit shipped directly to your door and ready to consume.  Try it, you’ll become a daily consumer as anyone else who have tried it first!


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It becomes paste at normal temperature so keep this in refrigerator for an hour before you open the cap of the jar so it won’t get stuck with the cap of the jar.


Anti-Aging and natural anti-oxidant– It really slows aging down! It keeps the calcium in the bones and consequently makes them stronger. Shilajit contains more than 85 minerals in their ionic form – state needed in order for the element to bond readily with water, making it possible for the body to absorb it.

Physical benefits – also called “Destroyer of Weakness “, shilajit is a great all-in-one supplement for sporty people  or any activity that requires  physical performance. It helps recovery after a workout, increases stamina and brain functioning. Simply, a great natural boost herb for peak performance.

Anti-inflammatory properties – Shilajit is  a powerful inflammatory substance, and will help soothe the pain and accelerates healing.

Detoxifies the Blood – Shilajit cleans and detoxifies your blood – a healthier body will fight disease.

Heals Your Bones – Shilajit helps regenerate damaged bones almost 2 times faster than normal.

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