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We are The Greenders, proud founders of the first organic and natural online marketplace, where you can sell and buy eco-friendly products, made using only what Mother Nature gives us, with no chemicals and harmful substances.

Green Guuds comes to guide people to understand how to live a simple and natural life, using organic products, eating organic food and improve nutrition habits.

We are strong believers that the world is changing, you are changing, your mind and your way to look at things are changing! Our society imposes to live unnaturally, using processed foods, made by big corporations and unscrupulous producers who trade on our Earth, our animals and, overall, they take advantage from our illness, making profit at an expense of local economies and producers, small farmers and handcrafters.

Green Guuds wants to be a real movement. A GREEN MOVEMENT! Support our cause and let’s work together to make this beautiful world a better place!

Buy organic, buy green! Be green, be happy!